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Bobcat 440B440B
Brand: Bobcat
Model: 440B
Drive: Rubber Tires
Operating Capacity: 600 lbs
Weight: 2,195 lbs
Bucket Width: 44″


Bobcat T300T300
Brand: Bobcat
Model: T300
Drive: Rubber Tracks
Operating Capacity: 3,000 lbs
Weight: 9,702 lbs
Bucket Width: 6′ 8″


Bobcat E42 ExcavatorE42
Brand: Bobcat
Model: E42
Drive: Rubber Tires
Digging Depth: 11′ 6″
Weight: 9,722 lbs
Bucket Width: 12″ 16″ 24″
Thumb: Yes


Brand: John Deer
Model: 450C
Drive: Steel Tracks
HP: 65
Weight: 14,400 lbs
Bucket Width: 90″


160LCLarge Excavator
Brand: John Deere
Model: 160LC
Drive: Steel Tracks
Digging Depth: 21′ 1″
Weight: 35,444 lbs
Bucket Width: 42″
Thumb: Yes