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  • No hidden charges for fuel, mileage, hauling, operator, minimum time or overtime

  • We charge lump-sum so you know
    the cost up front.

  • Equipment + Operator cheaper than renting
    Prices starting as low as $130

NOLA Bobcat is a fully-insured, reliable, local owner-operator which performs low-cost, high quality bobcat, dozer, and excavating services around the New Orleans area. We have been in the construction business for over 15 years and have done projects ranging from just over $100 to those in the hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Over the years we have had to rent different pieces of equipment to “get the job done.” However, we soon found out that “THE RENTAL GAME” was not always the cheapest solution. We walked out of the door of the rental center with our contract saying one thing but when it was time to pay up it was ALWAYS more as the fine print always has many goodies favoring the rental center. Therefore, we decided that by purchasing our own equipment and providing our own operator service that you can actually hire US to do your job cheaper than you renting the machine and doing it yourself.

Do you like to save time and money?

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