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  • No hidden charges for fuel, mileage, hauling, operator, minimum time or overtime

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  • Equipment + Operator cheaper than renting
    Prices starting as low as $130

You can hire NOLA Bobcat (equipment WITH operator) much cheaper than renting a machine and doing the work yourself.  We charge a lump-sum amount so you know the cost up front (no hidden charges for fuel, mileage, hauling, operator, minimum time, overtime, the list goes on and on…)  For more information on the do-it-yourself cost-savings fairy tale.

Prices start as low as $130!


BIG MISTAKE!  Welcome to THE RENTAL GAME: The game of pulling you into the store with a low price over the phone, getting you under contract, then slapping you SILLY with literally HUNDREDS of DOLLARS in ADDITIONAL FEES, FEES, and MORE FEES!! Renting seems cheaper but in truth it’s an absolutely horrible deal that can’t be justified, and will:

  • Cost you more $ out of pocket
  • Put the liability for breaking anything on the machine on you
  • Force you to spend time cleaning/refueling the rental machine
  • Increase your risk of serious injury or death of yourself or others (these powerful, often deadly, machines are NOT toys and should only be operated by trained, experienced operators)
  • Increase your liability for damages


Bobcat T300

Bobcat T300

Let’s take a look at the cost of a rental machine in the New Orleans area that is smaller than our T300:

  • $300/day
  • $27 Sales Tax
  • $45 Mandatory Insurance
  • $120 fuel (30 gallons @ $4 per gallon)
  • $50-$200 Delivery Fees each way depending on location


  • TOTAL: $692

Wow!  That is more than double the quoted price!  This is how the rental centers work.  They give you a low price over the phone, getting you under contract, then charge you with literally hundreds of dollars in additional fees.

What if I haul it myself?

Well, you better have the proper-rated truck and trailer, because they won’t let you leave without it.  If you don’t you’re back to delivery or they can rent you a truck or trailer for some more money.

Do you have any experience operating this kind of equipment?  While most people can be taught the controls in under 5 minutes, it can take hundreds of hours of practice to become proficient.  These machines can be very dangerous and deadly if not operated by experienced operators.  It may look easy watching someone else do it, but there is a large learning curve…far more than can be done on a short-term rental.

Let’s not forget that the rental center wants a clean machine returned.  Fail to clean the machine and it could cost you upwards of $100 in cleaning fees.

Fail to fuel it up on return?  You will wish you did when they mark up the price of fuel; some as high as double the market gas price.

Given all this, you can see why it’s cheaper to hire NOLA Bobcat for the job.  Why not spend your time doing something more useful for the project and save some money at the same time.

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